I’m super excited to officially announce that my new single, “We’re Okay”, a duet featuring the super talented Amanda Kind, will be out on July 23rd.
I joined a virtual songwriting group a few months ago looking to meet some local songwriters, and maybe collaborate on some writing projects. I really had no idea what to expect or who I would meet. I wasn’t expecting to meet such a fantastic group of talented local artists, writers, performers, and producers. And I certainly wasn’t expecting that a song that I’d co-write would end up being my next radio release!
Working on this song has been a whirlwind of a collaboration with co-writers Carrie DeMaeyer Songwriter, Amanda Kind, and Matt Koebel Music (who also performs on the track and did a killer job producing it). I am so excited about this song and how it turned out – I can’t wait to share it with you!
The last year has been a really trying one for many people. This song speaks to how the strength of commitment in a relationship, and being each other’s emotional support when it’s needed most, can provide the strength to ride out the hardships.