May 18, 2015 Kitchener, ON


Time : 5:30 - 7:00pm
Venue : Private Function
Address : 35 Brubacher Street
State : ON

Peter and Shandi have been amazing supporter of our community. Now it’s our turn. Let’s make sure that Peter and Shandi can worry about Peter’s health instead of making ends meet.

Please drop by for a fundraising BBQ. We will pass the hat and collect contributions to help support Peter and Shandi through this journey – all while sharing a meal!

Please RSVP by May 16 so that we have an estimate of numbers.

A few people have offered to help – if you are wanting to pitch in in some way, please drop me a PM or an email to cameron@thedearlove.com.

Below is a post from shortly after Peter’s surgery explaining why fundraising is needed:


A week and a half ago, Peter was admitted to hospital due to extreme pain from the tumor which was occupying his abdomen. Peter’s first day in hospital interfered with a board meeting. Most people wouldn’t give that a second thought.

He apologized to the board. “I’m really sorry, I won’t be able to make it to the board meeting today.” He was thinking more about his commitment to others than he was about himself. While experiencing extreme pain. In a hospital bed. Classic Peter Thurley.

For years now, Peter and Shandi have been tirelessly serving this community in one way or another – Peter initiating municipal discussions about a national housing strategy, and supporting local non-profits at the board level, and both dishing out food at Out of the Cold, pushing for positive systemic change through the political system, all the while making sure that they are there for friends and family.

Well, now Peter and Shandi need our help.

Visits to the hospital help, as do prayers and positive thoughts. Some have walked their dog Dolly, others have brought casseroles for the freezer. Lyndsey Butcher even did 6 loads of laundry! Every little bit helps, but there remains a big hole – and it’s uncomfortable. It’s financial.

As you know, today Peter had a major surgery, and will be in for a long recovery. Peter will be eligible for EI while he’s off of work, but that will be a big cut in pay. Meanwhile, Shandi is juggling two jobs (and school) and has already (quite understandably) missed shifts here and there. And she will miss more. Parking at the hospital adds up.

Then there is medication. Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t have extended health benefits, which means that they will be paying out of pocket for expensive medications for the duration of the recovery.

And bills pile up. How much of a hit will they take? How much will the medications cost? How long will Peter be off of work? It’s too early to tell.

But in the meantime we can collectively chip in, put some money into their account, and make sure that their main focus isn’t money – it’s getting Peter better.

Some people have already sent some money through GoFundMe, which is great. If you are in a position to, and are looking to contribute, the best way to help is to pass your contribution along directly to Peter and Shandi (to avoid them losing money in transfer fees). A simple way is to send an email money transfer to skthurley@gmail.com. Rather a cheque? That works too.

You can also save the date. Join us for a fundraising BBQ on May 18 where we will be collecting donations of cash and cheques. More details to come.

Peter’s been an amazing supporter of our community. Now it’s our turn. Let’s make sure that Peter and Shandi can worry about Peter’s health instead of making ends meet.”