Stratford Summer Music

Stratford Summer Music - Tim Brady's 100 Guitars

July 23, 2017 Stratford, Ontario


Time : 1pm
Venue : Allman Arena
Address : 15 Morenz Dr
State : Ontario
Contact Website :

tim brady’s 100 guitars

“Tim Brady is one of the 30 most important guitarists in the world for the future of the electric guitar.” – Guitar Player Magazine USA.

“Why shouldn’t guitarists have fun playing in a large ensemble, just like other musicians who play in orchestras or sing in choirs?   Why should we always be relegated to small ensembles and rock bands?”

So says Tim Brady, the composer/guitarist from Montreal whose exciting work, officially titled 100 Very Good Reasons Why___for 100 Spatialised Electric Guitars, answers his own questions:  we guitarists definitely should – and can – play together, and the results will be amazing!

Stratford Summer Music is inviting 100 local guitarists – amateurs as well as professionals – to join Tim Brady for the Ontario premiere of a unique experience, literally performed by 100 Guitars on the ice-free floor of the Allman Arena.   During the performances everyone in the audience has the choice to sit in the bleachers or to walk around the groups of guitarists to catch up-close views and sounds from this one-time, electric guitar community.   Performances are repeated every 30 minutes.

To add to the afternoon fun, outside the Arena you can browse through a Perth Pop Up Market, with booths and tents set up by local and regional artisans and craftspeople to sell their wares and satisfy your tastes.

July 23 will be a musical happening, eco-shopping and community engagement event all brought together in one matchless setting beside the Avon.

Interested guitarists are invited to submit their names and contact information before July 1 at the Stratford Summer Music office, 25 Ontario Street or by calling 519.271.2101. Email inquiries to Eric Mahar at  Artisans interested in joining the Market should contact the organisers via