Tiny Concerts @ Breadheads

Tiny Concert at Breadheads

May 6, 2016 Kitchener, Ontario


Time : 7pm
Venue : Breadheads
Address : 16 Duke Street East
State : Ontario
Contact Website : http://www.breadheads.ca

Bread Heads host acoustic performances called ‘Tiny Concerts’. We take all the tables out of our dinning room, turn down the lights and cue the music. It’s an intimate space for people to listen and play music. The performers set the cover charge and keep 100%, and their pizza is on the house. If you would like to play, just ask.

Tiny Concerts are normally on a Friday and run in two sets, with a break, in the 7pm to 10 pm time frame. Wood fired pizza, craft beer and wine is available through out.


For the Month of May we are running a series of Tiny Concerts to help promote the artists who are playing at HAPP  May 28th (Hohner ave porch party)

May 6th / James Downham  $

May 20th / Kaleigh Mason $

May 25th / Luke Michielsen / Kris Schultz $15

May 27th /  Vienna D’Amato Hall $